Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Somewhat OK Gatsby...

The Great Gatsby is the one book that I personally wanted to dive into, and I did just that. The story at first doesn't really entice you. Then you get mid way through and get upon this quote that just makes the reader question everything well mostly just what the real definition of love is and that what it could be. This quote is the all so famous, “I wasn't actually in love, but I felt a sort of tender curiosity." said by your truly own  Jay Gatsby. He says this with what people would call the regrettable sentence. The one thing you always question...It's that feeling of did I truly love that person just to find out that you did not. It was simply a sense of pity for them or the feel of caring about the problems. Getting 3/4's through the entire book you get the feeling he is just in love with himself and this is what just solidifies that idea of egotistical humbleness mixed with true emptiness in this quote. The complexity of the book is nothing. It's easy. There is one thing though, I never got a real depth of character with Gatsby. He was just simple and is that man you think of when rich comes up into your mind. The nature of his character is not anything deep except that he is incapable of love and only cares about his parties that cause fake happiness.

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  1. I think your interpretation of Jay Gatsby was interesting and accurate. I wish you would have elaborated a bit more on your thoughts and goals.